Blauwestad: unique in The Netherlands

Once arable land, now a beautiful residential area surrounded by a large lake with a beautiful and characteristic nature reserve. Blauwestad is a unique project of The Netherlands. Its habitants have developed (or had developed) their own homes, which resulted in architectural masterpieces alongside the water. You will see more of the lake when biking, walking or especially boating. 


The Oldambtmeer (Oldambt Lake) covers 8 square kilometres (3 square miles), which is the same as 1200 soccer pitches. Never before has such a large piece of arable land been put under water. Blauwestad is the most spectacular landscape project since the reclamation of the IJsselmeerpolders.

Water recreation

With a minimum depth of 1,10 meter, the Oldambtmeer is suitable for sailboats and small motor yachts. It is also very well suited for canoes, rowing boats and surfboards. The beach on the north side near Midwolda offers great opportunities for sunbathing and swimming. Kids are easily entertained at the playset ‘The Whale’.

There are also three marinas to be found: Reiderhaven at the Oostereinderplas, Marina Midwolda located at the north side of the Oldambtmeer, and, located south, the Havenkwartier Blauwestad.

Havenkwartier (marina) Blauwestad

Havenkwartier (marina) Blauwestad

The Havenkwartier Blauwestad consists of a restaurant, a beach and a marina counting 80 berths was opened in June 2013. A waterside terrace, restaurant and promenade provide flair to the Oldambtmeer. The view across Oldambt is breath taking, but you will have to climb the watchtower to be able to enjoy it! 


By cycling, sailing or walking through Blauwestad you will experience the special character of this wetland. This 865-acre nature reserve will make you feel rich and enjoy rare bird species as well as the Konik Horses and Scottish Highland cattle. Swamp and forest areas have been connected, creating a large and diverse nature reserve. The Tjamme, Reiderwolde, the Midwolder Bos and estate Ennemaborgh adjoin Blauwestad. You can still see the ancient moraines, flanks and dells, which originated in the ice age. New and existing nature reserves support chances for flora and fauna. Stoats and foxes feel at home, as well as buzzards, hawks, harriers, and owls.

All and all Blauwestad is an amazing nature reserve of around 5000-acres, a gain to Groningen and to The Netherlands. It’s a unique initiative that combines recreation, residing, and nature.

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