Kids will never get bored in Oldambt. They will enjoy themselves in and around the water in Blauwestad. You will also find plenty of playgrounds, petting zoo’s and when the weather turns bad, they can have some fun with the boars in ’t Swieneparadies or in indoor playground De Leeuwenborg. And when the kids are having fun… 

How sweet…

The ANWB has declared Petting Zoo Winschoten to be the most fun attraction of the province of Groningen in 2012. As they should have! There is so much fun to be experienced in and around the petting zoo. What about a horse and carriage trip through the large park? If you feel like it, and the animals feel like it, you can have a look at all of them and pet them. There are quite a lot of them: cows, horses, donkeys, rabbits, chickens and guinea-pigs. 

According to Violette Sanders, founder of ’t Swieneparredies at the Termunterzijldiep in Nieuw Scheemda, “It’s time for the pig to become more significant amongst people’. And she did a great job: since the opening in 1999 thousands of foreigners and nationals have visited Violette and her pigs. Kids can see up close how the pigs eat, sleep and play in the large barn belonging to this stately gentlemen’s farm.

Other petting zoo’s Oldambt:

•    ’t Speulparadies: animals amongst which alpacas near the playground in Beerta.
•    Petting zoo Bad Nieuweschans.

Houuuuuuuurs of playing and tracing

The monumental Oldambtster farm which houses Indoor playground De Leeuwenborg is a real paradise for kids indeed. There is the opportunity to play mini golf, or to eat some delicious pancakes! 

Just because of the beautiful names you are drawn to the Blauwestadhoeve in Midwolda. How about Blackminton, the Highland Games of Knotshockey? Or maybe visit the tennis clinic, the Pan&CakeFunFactory or build some sand sculptures - plenty of reasons to make an appointment. 
Clambering, playing, tracing and watching animals - you can do all of it in the large playground and animal grassland  't Speulparadies in Beerta. Disabled children can use a special play set that stimulates all senses. Parents don’t need to get bored either, there is a cosy terrace - and kids - they might even buy you some ice cream or crisps! 

Back in 1957, four neighbours had the amazing idea to build a playground in the district Sint Vitusholt. Forester De Jong pointed out a piece of land. One thing led to another, and now, the playground has passed its 50th birthday. You can have a go every afternoon, between 01:00 p.m. and 05:00 p.m. Except on Sundays, and when the weather is bad. 

Experience route Battle of Heiligerlee

Want to experience the Battle of Heiligerlee by foot? It’s possible. There are two adventurous walking routes at walking distance from the museums.

They run through the beautiful nature reserves in De Hoogte (Heiligerlee) and in De Garst (Westerlee). During the route you will discover the scenery, meet main characters of the battle, discover remains of the past, and you will run into special ‘experience spots’. The route is also very enjoyable for kids, schools, families, tourists and hikers, basically for everybody.

In, on and at the water

Kids will have a great day at the Oldambtmeer in Blauwestad. They can enjoy themselves for hours in the natural playground De Walvis (The Whale). Large and smaller kids can play and swim, surf, sail, row and go canoeing. 

De Beerster Koele (lake), located between Beerta and Winschoten, is smaller and a bit more quiet than the Oldambtmeer. There are no facilities, yet this special nature reserve allows kids to play for hours.

Golfparty and fries!

Pitch & Putt is golf, but than on a smaller court. This is fun for families with kids too. You don’t need any experience, or a golf passport. If there’s a least five kids in your group, you can enjoy a golf party, some fries and a dutch snack. 


Take your family bowling! You can do so at one of the four allies in Hotel-Restaurant In den Stallen in Winschoten or at Gasterij Smits in Midwolda. Both locations offer combination deals with for instance a 3-course menu or buffet.

Tip: Sailing for a Week

During the summer weeks of sailing school Blauwestad, there is the opportunity to sail or surf for an entire week. There is also time to relax. That is why you will have lunch together in the marina, or on the beach, and Thursday evenings are known for a good barbecue. You can sleep at home, or at your parents’ vacation address.