Cycling in Oldambt

Cycling in Oldambt is still really relaxing, both for the recreational cyclist as those who like a sporty ride. The cycle lanes wind through beautiful nature in Blauwestad, around Winschoten and in the direction of Bad Nieuweschans. Take a break with a nice piece of apple pie or a delicious Groningen Lunch (mmm… Mustard soup!) Or visit one of many galleries and museums.

Along beautiful junctions

The junctions are easy to find. You will find a detailed map indicating the cycle junction network and distances from one junction to the other in many places. You can park your car and plan your own route. You can check out the website in advance. Maps showing the cycle junction network and routes are available at VVV Oldambt in Winschoten. Cycle along beautiful spots that bring back the history of Oldambt. 

An introduction to the cycle junction network you can watch in the video below.

Have a rest… … at a resting point

Have a rest… … at a resting point

Let’s have a break. You can do this wherever you want of course, however, it might be nice to take a break at an unexpectedly beautiful spot, at a private property, alongside the walking or cycling route. Resting points are available throughout the region. They can be recognised by the resting point sign. The resting points allow you to catch some breath and to enjoy a voluntary presentation of coffee, tea or lemonade, with a treat. At the page Rustpunten in Oldambt you will find all the resting points in the area.

Around the Dollard

Around the Dollard

The 300-kilometre International Dollard Route runs through the province of Groningen and the bordering Ostfriese Rheiderland in Germany. The Dollard route brings you through the wide polders, which were won from the sea in the everlasting battle against the water. The fun part is, you can actually travel part of this route by boat. From May until September a passage-boat operates between the harbour of Ditzum, Emden and Delfzijl, especially for cyclists and hikers. The passage allows you to enjoy the fresh breeze and allows you to rethink the many impressions of the day. The passage-boat is also available for day trips.

For more information and departure times get a brochure at the VVV Oldambt.

Long Distances

The LF9 NAP-route (Amsterdam Ordnance Datum) counting 465 km runs from Bad Nieuweschans to Breda. Without the dikes and dunes, this route would run along the Dutch coast.

The other longe distance cycling route running through Oldambt is the LF10 Waddenzeeroute. This 275 kilometre stretching cycling route starts in Callantsoog and passes the Afsluitdijk to Bad Nieuweschans. More information needed? Visit:

Bike Rentals

  • Jan van Wachem - Mettingstraat 23 in Bad Nieuweschans, 0031(0)597521664
  • Musch Tweewielers - Molenstreek 20 in Finsterwolde, 0031(0)597331381
  • Blauwestadhoeve - Hoofdweg 156 in Midwolda, 0031(0)597554055
  • Roggeveld Fietsen - Stationsstraat 20 
in Scheemda,
  • Geuken Rijwielen - Papierbaan 2-E in Winschoten, 0031(0)597430050
  • Mulder Tweewielercenter - Zeeheldenstraat 3 in Winschoten, 0031(0)597767274
  • Station NS (National Railway) - Winschoten (selfservice public transport bicycle locker)

Charging your electric bike

  • Café van der Paard - Hoofdweg 176 in Finsterwolde, 0031(0)597331575
  • Gasterij Smits - Hoofdweg 170 in Midwolda, 0031(0)597551622
  • Eetcafé De Brug - B.K. Bosmaplein 2 in Nieuwolda - 0031(0)596541118 (bicycle servicepoint as well)
  • Cafetaria Maintebos - Sint Vitusholt 135 in Winschoten, 0031(0)597413934
  • Rozenpaviljoen - Parklaan 1A in Winschoten, 0031(0)597433512
  • Hotel-restaurant In den Stallen - Oostereinde 10 in Winschoten, 0031(0)597414073