Fishing in Oldambt

Oldambt welcomes sport fishers. There are plenty of opportunities, but they are not limitless. There is an information sign showing the do’s and don’t’s near the slipway in Finsterwolde. You can download the brochure 'Fishing in Blauwestad' (Dutch) for more information.

The Oldambtmeer features healthy soil and high quality water. Fish ended up here spontaneously. Ducks and other water birds brought in roe during flights from other water regions. The waterway with Winschoterdiep and fish in small canals also contributed to the extension of fish. The roach, bream and pikes are the main residents of the Oldambtmeer.

Fishing License Mandatory

Fishing is allowed only for those in possession of a vispas (fishing license). A vispas for one pole allows for fishing in a limited amount of waters. The brochure that comes with the vispas will show you where. The small vispas is available for purchase at sub post offices, which are located in each village that carries a supermarket. The extensive vispas is valid for multiple poles and better fishing waters. It is available at an angling club. Some angling businesses provide temporary fishing licenses.