Water recreation

Oldambt by boat

Discover one of the most beautiful water-rich areas of The Netherlands by tour boat, rented boat, or even in your own boat. It’s obvious there is a lot to discover. The Oldambtmeer and Dollard are part of Unesco Heritage: The Wadden sea. Smaller, but still worthwhile are the Hondshalstermeer and the Beertster Plas (lakes). They allow you to surf, to go by boat, row, go canoeing, swimming and fishing.


The spacious beach of the Oldambtmeer near Midwolda is lovely. There is a promenade, a large playground for children and a cosy terrace. There are plenty of parking spaces. Blauwestad has gained its own beach in 2013. The south beach is located near the new Harbour Blauwestad and features a large meadow for sunbathing. The beach at the Beertster Plas, which is located between Beerta and Winschoten is smaller, and more quiet. There are no accommodations, but the idyllic atmosphere and the water is amazing. 

Tour boats

Discover the Oldambtmeer with Pieter Dekker Rondvaarten and the electro boat ‘Welvoart’. This nature reserve is special since the water has only been flowing since 2006. The guided cruises run from April until November. Depart from the marina of Midwolda. Bring your binoculars so you can observe the islands and diverse birds up close. 

Sailing, surfing and boat rentals

Care to rent a sail- or motorboat, canoe or surfboard? Sailing school and boat rental Blauwestad located at the Oldambtmeer allows you to do so. (Sailing) packages, like a GPS-sail cruise across the Oldambtmeer, are available to groups. Sail and surf classes are available too. 



Anyone can operate the lock between the Winschoterdiep and the Oldambtmeer by use of a key or pass, obtainable via the marina in Winschoten (0031(0)6-4601 6291) and at the tourist office (VVV) Oldambt (0031(0)597-700 270). The lock operates between 08:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. from May 1st to October 1st. 

Northern waterway Blauwe Passage

The Northern waterway was opened in 2015. The Blauwe Passage is the canal running between the Oldambtmeer and Termunterzijldiep. You are able to go by boat from Blauwestad to, for instance, Termunterzijl, Appingedam and Delfzijl.

Nieuwe Statenzijl

Nieuwe Statenzijl

Nieuwe Statenzijl offers a remarkable piece of The Netherlands. This is where Oldambt is adjacent to the UNESCO World Heritage Waddensea and the German border. The Dollard, as this part of the Wadden is referred to, takes your breath away. A hike to the Kiekkaaste, a bird watchtower on poles, located in the centre of the salt marsh, will turn this day into one you will never forget. It is the only bird watchtower in The Netherlands located outside the dikes. 

Marinas in Oldambt

Eight marinas are located in the water-rich area of Oldambt. For more information, look for Marinas Oldambt.