Windmills in Oldambt

Winschoten is proud of the three monumental windmills. Elsewhere in Oldambt there are still five windmills: in Nieuw-Scheemda and ‘t Waar, in Heiligerlee and Ganzedijk.


In the early 18th century there were thirteen windmills in Winschoten. This explains the nickname "Mill City". In the course of the years by industrialization and housing that number has drastically reduced. Winschoten is now the proud owner of three monumental windmills, namely the mills Berg, Dijkstra and Edens. Windmill Edens celebrated its 250th birthday in 2013. 

Molen Edens Molen Edens


A fourth windmill stands in Ganzedijk, located north-east to Finsterwolde. Udema’s windmill is a corn and hulling mill, built in 1868. The windmill became property of the former municipality Finsterwolde and is owned by the municipality Oldambt. Like the other windmills, this mill is also completely run by volunteers.

Nieuw-Scheemda and ‘t Waar

Nieuw-Scheemda and ‘t Waar

In Nieuw-Scheemda and ‘t Waar are three windmills. Those are two big polder mills and the most elementary watermill of drainage wind pump: “De Dellen in 't Waar” was built in 1855, to replace a burned predecessor from 1793. There he drained the polder De Dellen. By consolidating and merging water boards the windmill became unnecessary. Because of this, and due to poor accessibility, it was decided to move the mill in 1985 to its current location beside Tichelwaark in Nieuw Scheemda.

A few dozen meters east of this mill is a tjasker (drainage wind pump). This is the only paaltjasker in the province of Groningen. The paaltjasker was built in 1992 by the Foundation Projects employment Groningen. Now and then the mill is put into service by volunteers Milers of the windmill de Dellen. 

The Western Windmill is located west of Nieuw-Scheemda. This polder windmill was built in 1862 after the former mill burned down. The windmill was used professionally until the 60’s and until the start of the 90’s the mill was used as a reserve storage. 


In 1960 Albert Roemeling built the small windmill Oldambt in Scheemda together with Cor Molema. In 1999 the windmill moved,  together with the windmill maker, to Heiligerlee. There the windmill was restored. In 2005 the grind-stones and the hood was restored so they could properly grind again.