Children outside

Take your children outside

This T(R)IP provides suggestions to go out with children in an active way in Oldambt.

Pitch & Putt

Both parents and kids from 8 years old can find fun in Pitch & Putt Golf. After a brief explanation about the game, striking and clubs, these are sticks with which you strike the ball into the hole, you follow the trail with your own group. You decide the pace. A 9-hole round usually takes 1.5 to 2 hours.


After lunch you go to 't Speulparadies in Beerta. This is a playground and petting zoo. Here the kids can enjoy themselves on the bouncy castle, go-karts, swings and climbing frames. You can pet the animals and if you are lucky you will see how they get fed. Meanwhile, the adults on the terrace can keep an eye on the kids.

Pitch & Putt Oostwold Pitch & Putt Oostwold

What time?

  • Morning from 9.00 am: Pitch & Putt Golf Oostwold
  • Noon to 5:00 pm Speulparadies Beerta


  • Pitch & Putt
    Huningaweg 7 - Oostwold
  • 't Speulparadies
    Buitenlandenstraat 5 - Beerta


  • Pitch & Putt Golf Oostwold
    from € 5,00 for children and € 9,50 for adults

  • ’t Speulparadies in Beerta
    Children € 1,00, adults free

Suggestions for lunch and dinner

  • Pub Huninga’s Heem van Pitch & Putt Oostwold offers a delicious lunch including soup, sandwiches, sandwiches, chips and croquettes. Also ideal for the kids.

  • On the terrace of 't Speulparadies you can buy coffee and apple pie, soda, lemonade or ice cream at reasonable prices.

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