Strolling in Gardens

Strolling in Gardens

This two-day TRIP leads you past and through beautiful private gardens in Oldambt. The six selected gardens which are open to visitors, are so beautiful that you can spend a full weekend there. 

Book visit to the garden in time. For most gardens it is necessary to make an appointment.

Day 1 - Wubsbos, Rosarium and Jan Wilde een Tuin

In the southern part of Oldambt, around Winschoten, you can visit the Wubsbos, Rosarium Winschoten and Jan Wilde een Tuin in Westerlee.

This garden with a height of approximately 5 meters is in the Maintebos (a small city forest), on the edge of the center of Winschoten. In early spring the stinsplants and bulbs bloom there. The planting is very natural. There are surprising places to explore in the garden and it’s close to the city forest. Because of the height and location this garden has a special atmosphere.

Rosarium Winschoten
In the Rosarium - you will find more than 300 varieties of roses in all colors, shapes and inflorescences. The rosary is part of the 70-hectare city park in Winschoten. Always open to public.

Jan Wilde een Tuin
De Wilde Tuin is partly a forest garden with shade plants, a fairy garden with the most diverse epimediums. There is also a lush ornamental garden full of color, a natural pond and herb garden. Because of the height you get a different view of the garden every time. An organically shaped gazebo is the place for drinking coffee or tea and for viewing art. Also look through the window and enjoy the wonderful Groningen farmland.

Day 2 - Tuinfleur, Mensinga-Bruins and De Witte Wolk

In the northern part of Oldambt are the pendulum gardens. Especially the gardens at the Goldhoorn (between Oostwold and Finsterwolde) and on the main road through Oostwold and Midwolda are impressive. The second day you visit Tuinfleur in Oostwold, Garden Mensinga-Bruins in Oostwold and De Witte Wolk in Nieuw-Scheemda.

When you pull up, you see a red garden in front of the house. The backyard is surprisingly narrow and extremely deep. No less than three kilometers beech hedges form the fence. The owners managed to organize ten garden rooms including a sculpture garden, a hosta garden with more than 600 different hostas and a garden with special shade plants.

In the backyard you find a raised terrace where you can overlook the Oldambtmeer. Combine the visit with a walk on the dyke.

Tuin H.J. Mensinga-Bruins
This pendulum garden on the Goldhoorn offers great relief with majestic trees, a pond and winding gravel paths. The rear garden landscaped in landscape style consists of a lawn, bordered by generous borders.

De Witte Wolk
The privacy and also expansive garden bordering cornfields. If you hike the trails among tall trees with surprising views you will not only experience peace and tranquility, but you can also enjoy ceramics by owner Nirad and a walled pond. Very special are the woman circle with approximately 200 plants and the "wild garden”. Do you want to stay overnight? That’s possible. De Witte Wolk also offers a Bed & Breakfast.

Open Tuinen Oldambt


St. Vitusholt 86 - Winschoten

Rosarium Winschoten
Parking space Mr. D.U. Stikkerlaan - Winschoten

Jan Wilde een Tuin
Ontsluitingsweg 7 - Westerlee

Nieuweweg 34 - Oostwold

Tuin H.J. Mensinga-Bruins
Goldhoorn 14 - Oostwold

De Witte Wolk
Hamrikkerweg 132 - Nieuw Scheemda

Day 1 - Suggestions for lunch and dinner

Cafetaria Maintebos
Sint Vitusholt 135 - Winschoten
(by Wubsbos)

Bij ons in 't Noorden
Hoofdweg 22 - Westerlee
(coffee/tea and sandwiches)

Rozenpaviljoen Rosarium
Parklaan 1a - Winschoten
(lunch and dinner)

Restaurant 't Heerehuys
Hoofdweg 67 - Westerlee

Day 2 - Suggestions for lunch and dinner

Café Twee Oldambten
Klinkerstraat 1 - Oostwold

Koetshuys Ennemaborgh
Hoofdweg 96 - Midwolda
(lunch or coffe/tea)

Pannenkoekenhuis 'd Olle Smidse
Hoofdweg 115 -  Midwolda

Schnitzelwereld Gasterij Smits
Hoofdweg 170 - Midwolda

Eetcafé De Brug
B.K. Bosmaplein 2 - Nieuwolda
(café, lunch and restaurant)

Accommodation suggestions

B&B De Witte Wolk
Hamrikkerweg 132 - Nieuw-Scheemda

B&B Hermans Dijkstra
Reinste Abdenaweg 1 - Midwolda

B&B Moushouk
Huningaweg 1 - Oostwold

B&B Boerema
Oostereinde 29 - Winschoten

Hotel Resort Landgoed Westerlee
Hoofdweg 67 - Westerlee

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